Take the Challenge!


Congratulations on taking the 1st step towards living the best version of your life! This journey is all about making your body love you back! I know how challenging this may be so please answer the following questions and give yourself grace so that I may better help you.

A Challenge Group is a PRIVATE health and fitness accountability group. I run these groups on Facebook and in the club, which is not Facebook associated, as well as through the Beachbody ‘My Challenge Tracker’ App for those who don’t have Facebook! Everyone checks in the Challenge Group daily for support, motivation, recipes,  and accountability to help you get through your program. You get the awesome support of each other and myself as YOUR Personal Coach! BUT the best part is that you can do your workouts whenever you have free time.

How it works?

  • Fill out the application below to schedule a FREE Consultation and reserve your spot in the upcoming challenge group!

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Your programs depend on a lot of factors:

  • Level of Fitness

  • Exercise Preference-Cardio, Strength Training, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, etc.

  • Current Nutrition & Water Intake

  • Time Per Day allotted for Exercise

  • Goals

To join the Challenge Group the first step is to fill out the application below. The more information you provide me with the better I can help. This is not a “buy a program and run” system. If you are serious about reaching your goals YOU will reach them. If you’re ready to start remember to search for me on Instagram, email me and let’s get started. I can’t wait to see your transformation and guide you on this amazing journey!

First, click on the button below and fill out the Health Questionnaire for your personalized challenge:

Next, schedule your consultation with me to discuss your goals.

I know it is a lot, but when you fill out this health form, you will get a real, honest, recommendation, so please take the time to answer them and please tell me anything else about you that you would like to share, you can't tell me too much. We can only assure your success if we start right! Make sure you either shoot me a message on FB or email me at naturalbeautymethod@gmail.com to let me know you've completed this assessment so we can get you started ASAP!